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Understanding Silence

Understanding Silence

Always, all people have that chance to experience and undergo a much greater life; it is one’s choice.
Abundance, peace and happiness are one’s inheritance that is only achieved when one practices centering and quieting the mind. Not simple to achieve, especially in a very noisy society, but it can be done.

The mind constantly is noisy that is invaded by thoughts. Such time, when the streams of thoughts are blocked off, a different section of the mind that which is bestowed with the capability of transforming knowledge into virtually usable concepts becomes active.

The moment that busy thoughts recedes, silence then go deep into the mind. Your present thoughts, knowledge transformation into constructive ideas and intellectual thinking should all stop in order that silence can enter the mind.

The chattering mind is never quite, and through the mouth, it expresses itself.

Meditation provides an entryway so as to calm the mind and retrieve answers beyond the problem. Where the body requires regular exercise to retain its strength, so does the mind needs constant practice to quiet down its unpredictable feelings and thoughts.

Silencing the mind through meditation permits one to bond and attach with one’s central being that one might experience the fulfillment and peace within.

Curiosity is what stimulates the thoughts. A need to comprehend a new event that engrosses one’s thought. Until such time that mind fully comprehends, it will not stop thinking. Each time that a new thought enters the mind, it immediately gets lively and active; as thinking is the minds chief activity.

In contrast, meditation entails silencing the mind in order that one can obtain innermost and deep guidance.

In such times that the mind is restless, one can discover the mind to be persistently thinking; this is how the mind breaks away from its agitation. There are certain times that one’s mind is strained due to so much work and therefore searches relaxation and thinking is a means of relaxation.

To silence the mind one needs the courage so to release and set free your past, the hurt upon which one attains a certain sense of character which traps one in his past.

To silence the mind also needs the courage so one can release the future, his expectations and fears and to only live for the present, which the only period and phase of one’s life that one can and should exist.

It is only by existing in the present that one is able to let go of all connections to the outcome of one’s own actions or “karma”. Success and failure no longer offer one the identity to which one depends.

It is when one connects to the quietness underneath one’s mental commotion that one finds inner peace. It is \’here\’ alone, the present that one can forgive leave in abundance because one has left all his negative baggages behind.

Meditation is an exercise that soothes the mind, relaxes one’s body and lessens tension. With constant practice, the rushing and raising of one’s thoughts in his mind holds back, and consequently, the mind relaxes.

Happiness then increases with regular meditation. Love, understanding, tolerance, inner strength and bravery also increases.

The ability to concentrate is sharpened, so that one’s mind will be stronger and in control. So that one’s capacity to enjoy the “present” is cultivated and blaming as well as criticizing, which are negative attitudes decreases or stops.

One knows without any doubt, spiritually, that understanding and knowledge lies inside one’s heart and the mind searches for it by way of thinking.

Restlessness is handled by summoning peace. Relaxation will be found when one is at rest.

When one finds at times thinking as enjoyable, one can attempt to contrast its force with silence; thinking will fade in comparison. Although on certain occasions thinking generates cleverness, silence can grant the complete capacity that of which cleverness is only one portion.

One seeking capacity from thoughts or thinking yet turning to silence often gains a more creative capacity.

Silence will be understood and accomplished when one encounters the Divine that is inside one’s inner being. If the Divine makes contact with the mind, it will feel it and distinguish it as “light”. The emotions will be felt as love; sensations will be felt as delight.

The Divine descends into one’s spirituality in two sides, namely force and consciousness. The different sections of one’s being which answers back feels silence, love, light, power and delight. It is in this silent state of that mind that one attracts positive forces and focus the subconscious to set a goal for one’s success.

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