Small Business Start-Up Grant

Helping others Konnect their ambitions and aspirations!

Thank you for applying to the Konnect Services Small Business Start-Up Grant. We are excited about the possibility of being part of your business journey. 

Note: These are questions you will provide us in the link below and you will be redirected to a google form to complete the registration and payment.

Tell us about you.

Tell us about your organization.

  1. What is your business type? (LLC, Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, S. Corporation, etc.)
  2. Is your business brick and mortar or do you offer goods or services online? Please explain what your business does. 
  3. What products or services does your organization provide?
  4. If your application is selected, how will this funding impact your business for the better? 
  5. What startup costs are currently needed for you to build a successful business? Please be specific. 500 words. 
  6. What is your origin story? What about you and your background helped you to decide to build a small business?
  7. What is your organization’s mission statement? What is your vision for the future?
  8. What barriers and challenges do you currently face in building your business to its full potential?
  9. How will your small business celebrate diversity in your community?
  10. Describe the socioeconomic status of the community that your organization currently serves. 
  11. Are you willing to invest into receiving business coaching?
  12. Please upload any videos or that will showcase your business. 

Guidelines to Follow

  1. Business or individuals with business bank accounts will be more highly considered for the grant, but those without are still eligible to apply. 

  2. The selected candidate will be informed of our decision by direct email, within 2-3 months of submission. This will allow our team the necessary time to carefully review your application, ask questions, and obtain any additional information. 

  3. The selected candidate for this grant will have 14 business days to accept or decline this award. Declined awards will go directly to the runner-up. 

  4. The selected runner-up of this award will receive a business consulting voucher, which includes 1 free hour of a business consulting session and a 30 minute follow-up session. 

  5. Winners will be announced each quarter on Enhanced Konnect Services’ social media platforms.

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