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“ It’s easier to take than to give. It’s nobler to give than to take. The thrill of taking lasts a day. The thrill of giving lasts a lifetime.”  – Joan Marques

 2023 Annual Giveback

It’s that time again!! Enhanced Konnect Services LLC annual Give Back is live. As we continue to support our Men, Women and children who are victims and survivors of Domestic Violence we are also supporting our Children who need A Safe Place to stay. So many children and teens are running away from critical abusive situations and have no where to go but the Streets. Enhanced Konnect Services LLC will give half of the proceeds to a Non Profit The Relatives. The Relatives provides Safe Housing for children who have no where to go for food, housing and support. 💫💫 As always it Takes a Village and Our Communities to support this Cause. The Lord says to be a Servant of His People. This is Your Time to Serve. While many are Living Their best life, others are not and are Fighting for their lives. Come on Warriors They need you, they need us. 💖Share and donate.

Click the link below to donate:  Gofundme Annual Giveback

Donation Breakdown

  1. $15 care package for a family, includes hygiene products, toiletries, household products
  2. $25 supports kiddos with back to school items, lunch box school supplies, gas cards
  3. $50 family or individual receive 1 hour session
  4. $75 family or individual receive 1.5 hour session
  5. $100 family receive 2 sessions which includes case management support, residential and housing assistance.
  6. $175 same as above but also includes career coaching and job development or just Financial assistance towards utilities, transportation, medical care
  7. $200 Full sponsorship of a family, youth or individual also includes Financial Assistance
  8. $300 Silver Package same as $200 package but includes Financial assistance for shelter for those who are facing homelessness.
  9. $500 Gold Package same as above but includes providing transportation to shelter, therapy, medical appointments, job interview

Annual Giveback Fundraiser

The Give Back Program is a phase out program that will offer life coaching skills, resources, and support for the incarcerated who will soon be released. It will be a 90,60,30 day project in which training and workshops will be provided. Our goal is to provide crucial survival skills the incarcerated will need such as social skills, financial literacy and business etiquette.

The last 30 days of the program will shift to case management support in order to get the inmates set up with re-entry support such as housing, resources, and supported employment.We will be welcoming monetary gifts year round to assist supporting our goal.

To be able to supply full sponsorships and resources, we need to secure that other business and the general public have access to our program. Konnect Services strive to connect individuals with basic needs as well as assisting them to achieve there life goals.

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