Emotional Support

 Resource Page Konnect Services LLC Emotional Support Helpline is available to all individuals. Call 704-526-7863 to be linked and connected

Features of Our Services

Be someone’s security blanket when theirs is in the wash

The stressors of life can be challenging and overbearing. Konnect Services LLC are here to ensure that you will not go through life obstacles alone.

Starting Aug 1, 2022, Konnect Services will be offering an Emotional Support Helpline. Calling (704-526-7863) will put you in contact with a Support Partner who will listen without placing judgment on your concerns. Each call is confidential and only between you and the Support Partner.

The Helpline operates from Mon-Sat 8am-8pm EST. Sundays are used for check-ins if requested by the person who is seeking support. For more information send an email to resources@konnectservices.net.

2022 Performance

We are so happy to announce that Konnect Services has served and supported over 50 plus families utilizing our Case Management Services needing housing, shelter, food, clothing, transportation, mental health support, emotional support, school supplies, hygiene products, general resources, financial assistance and legal information. Over 20 clients receiving consistent Life Coaching Services and has Contracted over 8 companies and organizations receiving Business Consulting Services.Our high volume areas who have received ongoing support are Texas, Virginia, Louisiana, North Carolina, New York and Illinois. Internationally – Nigeria and Belgium.

Stay Konnected.

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