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How Does Coaching and Consulting Work?

If at any time one of us feels you are not benefiting, we will agree to end our relationship.
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What Is Your Coaching Process?

Coaching can help you to meet the goals that you have for yourself when you take the time to develop a solid relationship with the coaching professional. It is the coach’s objective to motivate you and hold you accountable for achieving your goals. From an outside standpoint, a coach may be able to see areas of concern that you are not able to discern. In that sense, the process raises your awareness of a different way to handle things in your life or business.

What is Expected of the Client?

The client is expected to attend each session on time and ready to work. They may need to be open to changes in their goals as the coaching process evolves. Coaches are not judgmental but impartial. To that end, coaches will ask the tough questions and expect the tough answers in order for growth to take place both personally and professionally, but only as it pertains to the situation. However, clients do maintain the right to decide what topics to cover and to terminate a subject if they don’t want to discuss it further.

What is Expected of the Coach?

The coach is expected to listen to the client and their desires and work within that guideline as much as possible. Guidelines will be set down for each session ahead of time so that the client is aware of what behavior will and won’t be tolerated. The goal of each coaching session is to work through setbacks the client may have, clarify goals through exercises and find ways to move forward on goals with the client, i.e. creating action items. The client is expected to hold themselves accountable for what they do and don’t do to make these sessions productive.

What are the Benefits?

Overcome the fear of success

Whether it’s recognizing better choices or reducing negative thoughts and destructive behavior, by working together we can unlock the doors obstructing your success.

One Week/Month Prior

1. Block out time on your calendar to complete the necessary work
2. Write out your task list


1. Block out time on your calendar to complete the necessary work
2. Write out your task list

One Day Prior

1. Complete and return your Pre-Call form
2. Review your struggles and questions list
3. Verify the time/day of your appointment

Immediately After

1. Review your notes from the call
2. Expand on your plan (if necessary)

2022 Performance

We are so happy to announce that Konnect Services has served and supported over 50 plus families utilizing our Case Management Services needing housing, shelter, food, clothing, transportation, mental health support, emotional support, school supplies, hygiene products, general resources, financial assistance and legal information. Over 20 clients receiving consistent Life Coaching Services and has Contracted over 8 companies and organizations receiving Business Consulting Services.Our high volume areas who have received ongoing support are Texas, Virginia, Louisiana, North Carolina, New York and Illinois. Internationally – Nigeria and Belgium.

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