Beware The Closed Mind

Beware The Closed Mind

Success in its broadest meaning is not limited to only monetary and material possessions. It reveals as being plentiful in countless and several forms in life and nature.

The universal spirit of consciousness, craves to continuously manifest and express itself; this power likewise expresses its longing to demonstrate success, which is naturally wanting to develop, to grow and become bigger and stronger.

However, many realize this longing and natural inclination for growth repressed in them, because of negative thinking, unconstructive programming, and not having enough faith in their abilities and themselves.

Every individual has dual natures. One wants the self to move forward while the other feels like pulling back. The one nature that one concentrates and cultivates on determines what one is at the final end, as both natures tries to hold and to be in control.

One’s “will” resolves the issue alone. An individual by one utmost attempt of the “will” can change one’s whole vocation and accomplish miracles. Which is why having an open mind is very significant.

One having a closed mind grasps to a concept without much concern for evidence. They might have even reached at their concept without supporting material evidence. As a result, when one is presented with evidence that is contradicting to their concept, they immediately dismiss it.

Whereas one having an open mind before reaching any conclusion, considers first the many evidences approving or disapproving the many interpretations of the concept. They do not just gather information. Their concern encourages them to weigh what they have learned and work towards reaching a decision or conclusion based on facts and evidences.

An open mind allows one to magnetize opportunities and insist and continue on following opportunities, regardless of how small they appear. An open mind is open to all opportunities and possibilities, big or small.

A closed mind however, is stubborn, wanting what the mind envisions without any delay and wanting it as exactly as what the mind perceived it to be, not willing to accept or try something else in its place, when that which the mind has envisioned can not be accomplished or reached.

When one closes his mind and becomes stubborn, one in essence tells his higher self, including the “powers of the universe” that one is not eager to mature and encounter new things, so then there will be no progress and no transformation and things in one’s life will never have a chance to improve.

Whatever the mind can envision, the mind can create. What the mind sees, believes feels and thinks are all conveyed to the subconscious mind that then works along with the universal forces and establishes your reality centered on the visualization of the conscious mind.

Bear in mind though, that it is not sufficient to merely imagine and hope it materializes. Having the power to imagine means also having the power and the capability to work on it to achieve it.

You can achieve it when you open up your mind to success and get rid of limiting thoughts. As to how restricted your life may be and what the circumstances present you at the moment does not really matter, because when you decide to change your attitudes and thoughts, and begin to think without notable limitations, your life’s direction will begin to change.

Focus on possibilities, rather than limitations and expand your thoughts to what is that you believe as yourself.

Here are guidelines on how to program your thoughts for success:

1. Continuously and abundantly display images of your “model” persons, whom you want to become, and things that you want to accomplish. Read magazines containing stories and pictures of lives that you wish to attain.

2. Read autobiographies of successful people. Constantly read self-progress materials packed with examples and ideas of women and men who had set goals, overcome hardships and misfortunes and accomplished what they aimed for in the end.

3. Always affirm yourself. In each undertaking, take the time to focus, “close your eyes” and set a clear mental image of the outcome. Then repeatedly say and claim that you have already achieved it.

4. Nourish your mind with positive thoughts before sleeping, after waking up, at lunch break, anytime. Do not give a chance for negative thoughts to enter into your mind.

Thoughts hold great power. Be conscious of the thoughts that comes into your mind; let the positive in, never entertain the negative. Open up your mind to possibilities and never be afraid to try; if you fail, take it as an opportunity that you have learned so much from failing and try again.

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