Monetary Gifts

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Donation Breakdown

  1. $15 care package for a family, includes hygiene products, toiletries, household products
  2. $25 supports kiddos with back to school items, lunch box school supplies, gas cards
  3. $50 family or individual receive 1 hour session
  4. $75 family or individual receive 1.5 hour session
  5. $100 family receive 2 sessions which includes case management support, residential and housing assistance.
  6. $175 same as above but also includes career coaching and job development or just Financial assistance towards utilities, transportation, medical care
  7. $200 Full sponsorship of a family, youth or individual also includes Financial Assistance
  8. $300 Silver Package same as $200 package but includes Financial assistance for shelter for those who are facing homelessness.
  9. $500 Gold Package same as above but includes providing transportation to shelter, therapy, medical appointments, job interview